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Since the advent of time, mankind has evoluted in many ways. New challenges have proved that grit and tenacity will always pave the way for a new dawn. The sun sets, only to rise again and again - with new light and energy. A day where dreams take on the light of reality.

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Why Mehta Marbles?

A standards based marbles offers many benefits, including:

Location of the Company

"Mehtat Marbles" is located in the city of Ambaji (Gujarat). Based in Northern India, it has developed a wide range of activities aimed at the market.

Better Development

Operating their own Granites & Marbles, "Mehta Marbles" is also enriching its range of stones.

Quality & Reliability

Highest quality products along with immediate & efficient service to the customers is priority for "Mehta Marbles".


"Mehta Marbles" employees highly skilled persons to bring unique, long lasting, highly aesthetic architectural applications.

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